About Me

Who am I, and why am I doing this?

Hi, I’m Eleanor.

I’ve been a tabletop gamer since I was fifteen and a school friend lent me the AD&D 1E Player’s Handbook. I was a bit baffled, but once I got my head around it, I was fascinated. 

I grew up in an Australian country town where gaming books were few and far between, but I’d managed to accrue a small library by the time I went off to University and found myself a grown-up gaming group. Discovering Shadowrun the next year was the real revelation, though – you mean there were games other than Dungeons and Dragons? Awesome.

Shadowrun was my main game for a decade and a half, although I dallied with any number of other games as I made new gaming friends and they introduced me to their favourites, and these days Exalted is my game of choice. I spent a few years working in the industry as a freelance writer and RPG designer, co-authoring a dozen books for Shadowrun 3rd Edition from FASA and FanPro, Demon: the Fallen from White Wolf, and other games. (Including a few projects that never saw the light of day, which is sadly the way of things in the industry.)

Despite all this, I’d never fallen prey to dice collecting until fairly recently, my love of shiny things being generally fulfilled by my very large collection of nail polish. Then someone idly linked me to the Kraken Dice Iconic Mythical kickstarter, and it was all over. I backed for six sets, thinking I was being very self-indulgent, thinking “how many dice sets does one person need anyway?” Hah.

I resisted the lure of shiny platonic solids for a few more months, but by this time last year I was hauling out all my old boxes of dice looking for forgotten gems (Chessex Gemini Blue Magenta, woo!) and falling headlong into dice collecting, complete with spreadsheets, display boxes, and a totally blown budget. 

These days I’m thoroughly involved in diceland, I admin the Australian dice collecting Facebook community (Dice Lovers Down Under), and I’m starting to look curiously at Instagram.

But why blogging?

Why not!

Blogging has always been one of my favourite ways to connect with my fannish communities. I’ve written a personal blog on and off since the late 90s (back when it involved hand-updating HTML pages and manual uploading, and comments scripts and hit counters were seriously advanced wizardry), and I enjoy blogging about my hobbies. I wrote a popular World of Warcraft blog (Banana Shoulders) for a number of years, and during the brief lifespan of the indie MMO FireFall I ran Astrek Association, the game’s main fansite. 

The dice collecting world tends more towards Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but blogging gives me the chance to write guides, articles, and more considered posts than the more ephemeral channels of social media. I may no longer be a professional writer, but I still have a lot of wordy opinions about things, and I genuinely enjoy researching and sharing that with people in my community. 

So, that’s me. Thanks for reading!

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