There’s a very strong crop of Kickstarters in the running for your money right now. Here are some of my current faves!

The Evergreen Burrow is a well-known indie dicemaker who pioneered the rubber-duckies-in-dice trend, and this campaign offers a full polyhedral set of golden ducky goodness, packaged in a clever little bathtub, with tons of bonus rewards and d6 and d10 set options! Back on Kickstarter here; campaign runs until 2 July.

European dice brand Q-Workshop brings us this amazing detailed dice design, featuring skulls. Lots of skulls. Piles and piles of them, in fact, with rune-inspired numbers in a range of colourways, in large and standard sizes. Dice hests, cups and wallets are available as addons. Back on Kickstarter here; campaign runs until 8 July.

Boutique brand Little Dragon Corp presents up to sixteen new colourways, many of which are pretty unique. Best of all, they’re 11pc sets for a very affordable per-set price. (No official word on their materials, but given layered and vapor styles I’d say they’re resin dice.) Back on Kickstarter here; campaign runs until 15 July.

MDG brings the liquid core concept to full polyhedral sets, with nine colourways unlocked so far. Reward options include single D20s, single D6s, and 7 piece polyhedral sets. They’re all handmade, so they’re not cheap, but gosh are they pretty, and boy do I want a set of Vanishing Oil! Back on Kickstarter here; campaign runs until 20 July.

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