How Dice are Made

Dive into the world of dicemaking with this series of guides on how dice of all kinds are made, from mass-market plastic to luxury gemstones and rare metals.

Acrylic Dice

First up, the trusty and much-loved acrylic dice. Featuring a guide to basic processes, a look at regular acrylics and the less-common urea dice, and how acrylic dice are processed and finished.

Resin Dice

Next, we look at resin dice – how they’re made and finished, and effects you need resin to achieve. We look at other uses for resin in dicemaking, and look at some of the differences between acrylic and resin dice.

Metal and Wood Dice

Here we look at metal and wood dice, common in a range of luxury dice. They’re very different from plastic dice, and we discuss cast metal, precision metal and wood – how they’re made, and how they’re finished.

Stone and Glass Dice

Finally, we look at stone and glass dice – how they’re made, how the materials differ, and when “stone” isn’t stone. We wrap things up with a look at other rare materials like bone and ivory dice. 

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