Hi, my name is Eleanor, and I’m a diceaholic. 

You know, I’ve written quite a number of these posts over the years, because when I get really involved in something, my urge is to blog about it. I love sharing my knowledge with other people and learning from them, connecting to the community of people who love the same thing I do.

Most of my previous blogging has been for video games (I wrote Banana Shoulders for World of Warcraft, Crew Skills for Star Wars: the Old Republic, and Astrek Association for Firefall) but tabletop gaming has been my primary hobby for nearly two thirds of my life.

So here I am – I have somehow  turned into a dice collector, and boy do I want to tell people about it! Rather than boring the pants off my friends, family and colleagues, who are not dice collectors, why not talk to the internet and my dicey friends there!

And thus, A Bit Dicey was born. I’ll be talking about dice, sharing news about dice, enthusing with you all about dice, and generally dice dice dice dice and also dice. (I’ve been a tabletop gamer since I was a teen, all those *mumble* years ago, and there might occasionally be Game Talk here too – because the only thing I love as much as roleplaying is talking about roleplaying. But that’s for later.)

Did I mention dice?

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