It’s been a bit quiet hereabouts, as my blogging time has been spent on redesigning the site’s front end, and fleshing out some of the back end structure I needed. That’s all sorted now, so on with the show!

Dice campaigns come and go on Kickstarter, and it can be easy to miss out on something you really want to support. Here’s a quick roundup of my pick of current campaigns: 

DougOut Crafts – Back Alley Dice Set

DougOut Craft‘s new project is a fun white polyset with red urban imagery; extra colours will unlock as stretch goals. Like their previous Divination Dice project, it’s manufactured by Q-Workshop, and the campaign also features addons for dice bags and extra D6s, D10s and D20s. Back on Kickstarter here; campaign runs until 5 April.

SkullSplitter Dice – 2020 Celebration Collection

This project celebrates SkullSplitter’s fifth anniversary, and features 11-pc polyhedral sets with gold foil inclusions and shimmer glitter, in ten colourways. There are also a couple of mystery items in stretch goals yet to unlock. Back on Kickstarter here; campaign runs until 29 March.

Unbalanced Games – Die of the Beholder

Unbalanced Games are bringing their first project to life – Die of the Beholder, a sharp-edged handmade resin set featuring monstrous inclusions, with a beholder on the D20, eyestalks on other dice, and a treasure chest on the D100. There’s also a fairy-inspired set, and Dragon Dice as well. Back on Kickstarter here; campaign runs until 26 March.

Modern Awesome Labs – Element Dice

This is the first dice project from Modern Awesome Labs, but the Element Dice do look very cool. Featuring Iron, Aluminimum, Zinc and Copper pipped D6s, the six face on each die shows that element’s entry on the Periodic Table. One stretch goal, for a display stand, has already been unlocked. Back on Kickstarter here; campaign runs until 29 March.

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