I’m still working on the next post in the How Dice Are Made series, but in the meantime let’s take look at Kickstarter!

In the introduction to my last post about Kickstarter dice campaigns, I said “it can be easy to miss out on something you really want to support” – this month, I managed to do just that, missing out on the Wyrmwood campaign for their first foray into original dice.  So, let’s take a look at what’s currently on offer on Kickstarter. 

HeartBeat Dice has a new campaign featuring a range of LGBTQ+ themed dice and accessories – the showstopper is a gorgeous rainbow sharp-edged resin set, but they also have a rainbow acrylic set in Q-Workshop’s characteristic style, as well as a range of colourful metal dice with enamel inlays in a range of LGBTQ+ colourways. This is HeartBeat Dice’s second Kickstarter campaign, and is already funded. Back on Kickstarter here; campaign runs until 10 July.

This is Eclipse Dice‘s second Kickstarter dice campaign, and features 7-pc acrylic sets of borealis-style shimmery dice. This style of dice hit popularity last year as the mass market factories figured out how to make them, and these are some of the nicest I’ve seen, with really dense shimmer. Five styles at launch, more behind stretch goals. Back on Kickstarter here; it’s funded already, and the campaign runs until 2 June.

Diving Hippo are bringing back their “pure wood family banner” concept to add more options to their range, unlocking more of the designs initially shared in their first wooden dice campaign. Pledge rewards are d20s made of natural and technical woods, paired with matching tokens (which may be suitable for use as a d2; I’m not sure.) Back on Kickstarter here; campaign runs until 9 June.

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