International fans of American dice brands have long known the struggle of trying to get sought-after dice from half a world away—between highly-anticipated releases going on sale at impractical times of day (or night), shipping costs higher than the price of the dice you’re buying, and the secondary market being largely inaccessible, it can be pretty hard to be a dice fan from outside North America. (Why yes, I have set 3am alarms for dice releases before, why do you ask?)

Today it just got a little bit easier! Well, at least for Kraken Dice fans—or those of us in Australia, to be specific. Kraken Dice have been looking for ways to serve their international fans and collectors better for a while, and have experimented with a few different solutions. Today, they have announced they’re partnering with resellers outside the U.S.A. to sell dice to local markets, and the first cab off the rank in Australia is Random Encounter Dice.

Random Encounter say that they won’t have the full Kraken range as it’s so extensive and will have limited quantities to begin with, but they’ll be making every effort to keep up with new releases and get new stock in regularly.

You can check out Random Encounter’s Kraken Dice page here.

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