Another day, another RPG Kickstarter that brings with it some striking custom dice!

This time we’re talking about the Kickstarter for the Trophy RPG from the Gauntlet Gaming Community. The game itself sounds intriguing, described in the Kickstarter as “a tabletop roleplaying game of dark forests, doomed treasure-hunters, and a world woven on a loom of rumor, history, and myth”, and the production design shown off on the books and addons is nothing short of stunning. I’m not sure I’d ever play it, but the game is so lovely I want to own it regardless.

I may not be able to justify that, but justify some dice? That, I can do.

The Dice

This campaign features D6s, in several flavours:

(Not my photo; this is my edit of the dice picture on the Kickstarter page.)

The dice are used in different situations and feature different styles:

  • Light dice: for skill rolls or taking advantage of a bad situation. These dice are bone-coloured with brown inking. They have hollow pips for faces 1-3, solid pips for faces 4-5 and the “Trophy antlers icon: on the 6 face.
  • Dark dice: for risking mind or body. These dice are “a mysterious blend of black and deep violet, inked with a worn bronze” and have the same pip and icon design as the light dice.
  • Gold dice: for selling the remains of the monsters you kill. (This is a thematic feature of the game.) These dice are translucent with gold flecks and gold foil, inked in metallic gold. Note that gold sun icon is inked on a single face, while the other five faces are blank.

Note that the photo above shows “sample” (i.e. prototype) dice for the dark dice; the light dice and gold dice are both mockups. Given the dark dice look pretty good you may feel safe in assuming the other dice will also be attractive, but please back with caution if you don’t like surprises.

Update: The dice are made of resin; Gauntlet Gaming Community aren’t willing to disclose the manufacturing brand at this stage, but described them as “a big outfit with lots of experience making custom dice.”

How to Get the Dice

The dice are available as part of pledge bundles at US$150 and up, or as an addon for US$20. The dice set consists of 16 dice: four light, four dark and eight gold. (Presumably these are the quantities you’d want for gameplay.) There are no options to order only a single colour, nor any other combinations. 

The campaign is using BackerKit for surveys and ordering, and it appears to be feasible to pledge for dice only. There are some other addons that might be of interest as well even if you’re not interested in the game as a whole, such as a set of a dozen gold tokens that would make nice gold coin props.

Shipping is to anywhere in the world; the estimated rates appear pretty reasonable both for US Domestic and overseas rates, although of course there are no guarantees. Projected fulfilment date is March 2021.

The game itself looks pretty interesting, with three main components to the campaign: Trophy Dark, a book and system designed for one-shots, Trophy Gold for campaign play and Trophy Loom as a system-agnostic guide to the setting. You’ll find the campaign here on Kickstarter if you’re interested – it funded in an hour and is currently over 1300% funding, with pledges open until February 24.

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