Like many dice enthusiasts, I keep abreast of new Kickstarter launches, as they’re often the avenue for creators to try out new, innovative concepts – I’ve pledged for quite a few Kickstarters in progress that I’m looking forward to reviewing here when they fulfil, too!

RPG Kickstarter campaigns also often include dice as addons, stretch goals, or bundle rewards, and the recently-launched Altered Carbon: the Roleplaying Game Kickstarter is no exception. There are a range of pledge levels and bundles available if you’re interested in the RPG, but for now I’m just here for the dice… and what beauties they are! 

The Dice

So, here are the Illuminum dice featured in the campaign:

(Not my photo; this is taken from the Kickstarter page.)

As you can see from the GIF, these beauties are UV-activated, which means they look clear and blank in normal light and the numbers appear under UV light. 

The Illuminum dice are being produced by Level Up Dice, an Australian luxury dice brand well-known for their precision crafting and really stunning metal, stone and glass dice. (I don’t yet own any sets of Level Up Dice, but I look forward to it one day.) Level Up are experienced with UV dice, having produced the Stealth set for several years, now in its third iteration

How to Get the Dice

There are two different dice set options – the polyhedral set shown above, and a 5d6 set shown here:


Backers can purchase the polyhedral set and d6 sets separately as addons in the PledgeManager after the campaign closes, or as part of the rewards for specific pledge levels:

Polyhedral Set

  • Contains standard 7pc set (D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4, Percentile)
  • Packaged in a jewellery box with a bonus UV pen to activate the numbers
  • Included in the Envoy Bundle (US$250) or higher pledge rewards
  • US$50 if purchased as an addon

D6 Set

  • Contains 5d6
  • Packaged in a tube, no UV pen
  • Included in the Synthetic Bundle (US$150) pledge reward
  • US$10 if purchased as an addon

From what I can see, it’s perfectly feasible to just pledge for the addons if you’re not interested in the RPG, although I’d certainly suggest you check out the whole campaign if you’re interested in the world of Altered Carbon. Be aware though, at this stage they’re not able to ship to the whole world, although more countries are being added regularly. (US, Canada, UK, Ireland, western Europe, Australia and New Zealand seem to be the only options right now.)

You can check out the campaign on Kickstarter for yourself if you’re interested – it’s over 880% funded at the moment so it’s definitely getting made, and it’s open for pledges until March 4. 

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