Australia has been reeling in the wake of incredible bushfires for the last few months – I doubt anyone’s escaped that news, but this ABC News feature is a really informative and impactful article about the fire season if you’re curious – and many companies and organisations have been holding fundraisers to help out various related causes.

Last week Q-Workshop offered their own fundraiser: a custom, limited edition 7-piece polyhedral set with a unique and very striking design! All profits go to One Tree Planted’s Australian reforestation efforts.

The bright yellow dice feature sides reminiscent of the “animal crossing” road signs you can see all over Australia, with the high sides adorned with iconic Aussie animals like the koala, cockatoo and kangaroo.

Only 300 sets are being made, selling at three price points of US$15, $25 and $40 – the dice are the same regardless, allowing purchasers to donate the amount they want to.

The preorder sold out within 24 hours, raising nearly US$8000 for Australian reforestation! Now there’s one final set – the set intended for Q-Workshop’s own office – which is being auctioned on eBay to round off the fundraising campaign. The auction runs until Tuesday next week, so if you’re after this little piece of dice history and you’d like your money to go to a great cause, you can place your own bids on the final set auction here!


Speaking as an Australian, I’ve been really moved by the outpouring of support from around the world, and it felt really special to see this happening within our own dice community. I feel pretty fortunate to have snagged a set of these, and I’m looking forward to them arriving.


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