Site Policies

Transparency matters a lot to me, and it’s very important to me that you can trust what I write. I follow these principles to make sure that happens.

Disclosure Policy

I will always disclose when a post involves: 

  • an item or service which was provided to me as a press sample, review item, marketing gift, or otherwise free of charge
  • content which I have been somehow paid or rewarded for creating or sharing
  • affiliate links or another scheme where I may benefit from actions you as a reader take
  • anything else which I think I should reasonably disclose, based on the spirit informing these principles


PR & Marketing Policy 

I am happy to collaborate with creators on PR, product campaigns or anything else that involves getting dice news and reviews in front of people who love dice.  

  • I am happy to receive press samples and other marketing items and will review them if I feel they’re appropriate for A Bit Dicey.
  • I’m happy to collaborate on projects provided they don’t compromise the things I think are important – transparency, openness, and an honest voice.
  • I appreciate receiving news, sneak peeks, teasers, press releases and other marketing news to share with readers.


Reviews Policy 

I strive to write fair and accurate reviews. I generally go into a review wanting to love a product – I admit it! Why wouldn’t I want to be happy about something, rather than unimpressed? But I will always do my best to approach a product with an open mind, and to present my perceptions as honestly as possible. This principle applies equally to things I’ve purchased myself and any PR items I’ve been provided for review.


Privacy Policy 

We have a separate privacy policy which you can read here.


Your Feedback

If you have any concerns or questions about any of the above policies please feel free to get in touch.


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