Level Up Dice is an Australian luxury dice brand who sell in Australia, the USA, and many of the major gaming and geek conventions—they’re known for really lovely metal, stone, gemstone and glass sets and have been a mainstay in the premium dice scene since 2015.

This week they’re releasing a much-sought-after new product: Mystery Sets! The sets feature a full poly set plus a random bonus die, and include some very highly sought-after rareties. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to check them out ahead of their launch tomorrow, and I made an unboxing video to share with you all.

(Please excuse the ratty nail polish; I only had a limited time window to film this, and didn’t have time to take the polish off first. Whoops!)

If video’s not your speed, you can see the full set here:


One fun thing about Level Up Dice: they introduce new fonts and take old ones out of rotation on a regular basis, which keeps their sets interesting—a set you bought last year might be sold this year with a very different typeface, creating quite a different product. You can see their full font list here; dice in a single mystery set might draw from a range of these faces.

The set included some really lovely dice:

  • D4: Hematite, not sure of the font; it could be Rounded.
  • D6: Gold Sandstone, not sure of font. (It’s not Rounded; it might be older and not on the list.)
  • D8: a blue agate; I’m not sure if this is still on sale any more. Frontier font.
  • D10: Opalite, Frontier font.
  • D00: I’m not sure what this is, but it’s lovely. It’s probably one of the TruStone range, but I’m not sure which. (It might be OOP, which would make me very sad!) Font is Frontier again.
  • D12: Amethyst, Frontier font.
  • D20: Again I’m not sure what this is, but I love it. It’s very rugged and “outdoorsy” feeling. Font is the same as the D6, whatever that is. (On reflection, I think the material is Labradorite.)
  • Bonus Die: Hematite D% with Frontier numbers. As a Storyteller system player I am never going to complain about more D10s and D00s!

Naturally, the two I most want a full set of are the ones I can’t identify—the D00 and the D20. Isn’t that always the way!

One thing worth noting—stone dice are often, by virtue of their material properties, somewhat weathered. This can lead to a surface which is slightly cracked or pitted, or slightly misaligned or imperfect paint on the numbers. I’m told that’s just the nature of stone dice, and it’s certainly true that they’re not precision-made in volume via mold pours or injection. Every set will likely be unique, and imperfections are probably inevitable. If that’s a dealbreaker for you—if you like your dice precise and perfect—I recommend tracking LUD down at a convention and buying in person, or asking them to curate an online purchase for you.

This isn’t my first set of Level Up Dice—I recently bought a set on the secondary market—but I’m definitely impressed with how satisfying they feel in the hand; it’s a very satisfying rolling experience. My gaming group’s been talking about starting up a D&D campaign soon—which I’m encouraging, given how many polysets I have waiting in the wings! Despite the stiff competition in my collection, I think this set might just be first cab off the rank for our next D&D game.

You can find the new Mystery Sets on the Level Up online store from tomorrow, Tuesday 17 March.

PR sample: these dice were provided free of charge, for my unbiased review. 



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